The New Clinic

In order to have an enjoyable work and family life balance, we embarked on converting our garage in to a modern, bespoke treatment room.

The plans were drawn up and the work started, a family affair that saw all of us turning our hand to moving, digging and knocking things down. Our 4 year old at the time was involved in many of the jobs and was always keen to have her say on how things should be done.

Along the way we learnt new skills and expanded our knowledge. Thanks goes to friends and family who came in to help on the more detailed or safety related work. Electrics, Plumbing and Plastering were beyond our reach at this time.

The finished room is warm, surrounded by more insulation than necessary, benefiting from under floor heating that provides a cosy environment at all times.

We have included some photographs along the way and a short video will follow.

From a simple garage the work commences, the initial stud work is started.

Working around the mass of insulation that was going to fill every section of the project, the room starts to take shape.

The Site Manager is showing the way on how to get the work done.

Heavy work needs the boss to continue it once it gets a bit deeper.

One big hole dug from very heavy clay soil.

Repunzel changes tac and passes the insulation up instead of her hair flowing down.

Lots of insulation and boarding to keep the room warm and the storage tidy.

The painting begins.

Almost there, finishing touches being completed ready for the unveiling.

What all the work was for, well worth the effort. Come down and check for your self.

Celebrating the finished job. A family effort for a family business.